The Unsurpassed Quality and Nutritional Value of Orijen Pet Food


As pet lovers, we agree that our pets deserve nothing less than the best. This is why we need to talk about Orijen Pet Food, a benchmark in quality nutrition ideal for the perfect health of our pets. We’re delighted to share our comprehensive review and insights into why Orijen Pet Food continues to be a leading choice for pet enthusiasts worldwide.

Understanding Orijen Pet Food

Orijen, an award-winning pet food brand, is renowned for its exceptional quality, organic ingredients, and biologically appropriate formulas. Its fundamental philosophy lies in relying on nature’s blueprint to nourish pets optimally. They craft their recipes to mirror the quantity, freshness, and variety of meat that dogs and cats are naturally evolved to eat.

Why Choose Orijen Pet Food

Quality Ingredients

Orijen sources its ingredients from trusted farmers, ranchers, and fishers. It utilizes fresh, raw, and dehydrated meat in its formulations, boasting of about 85% of animal proteins, reflecting the natural, evolutionary diets of our pets.

Biologically Appropriate Diet

Every Orijen product follows a biologically appropriate diet, meaning it matches as closely as possible to the natural diet of carnivorous pets. It incorporates a wholesome amount of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals that contain necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Breadth of Options

Orijen offers a wide range of dry diets, custom-made for different life stages and breeds, from a growing kitten to a senior dog. These include dry food, treats, and freeze-dried food, like Orijen Original, Orijen Six Fish, Orijen Tundra, and so on.

1. Orijen Original

First Ingredient: Boneless Chicken

Its first ingredient, boneless chicken, is a rich source of high-quality protein. More so, the presence of chicken organs adds a greater profile of nutrients that are beneficial to pets’ overall diet.

Protein Rich

Formulated with nearly 38% protein from multiple meat, poultry, and fish sources, it satiates the innate carnivorous instincts of your pet and supports lean muscle maintenance.

2. Orijen Six Fish

WholePrey Ratios

The Six Fish variety closely follows the whole prey ratios with a mix of fish, meat, organs, and cartilage, resulting in a nutrient-dense food that minimizes the need for synthetic supplements.

Rich Omega Fatty Acids

Made up of six different types of fish, the high omega fatty acid content promotes supple skin and a shiny coat, amongst other health benefits.

3. Orijen Tundra

Exceptional Variety

This variety is an excellent pick for pets prone to allergies due to its unique array of proteins. Tundra offers a unique protein blend of goat, venison, mutton, bison, Arctic char, and rabbit

Fruit and Vegetable Inclusion

The keen inclusion of fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables that are naturally low-glycemic, like apples, butternut squash, and pumpkin seeds highlights Orijen’s commitment to providing a balanced nutrition for our pets.

The Nutritional Advantage of Orijen Pet Food

The vast nutritional benefits of Orijen pet food are ample proof of its superiority in the highly competitive pet food market. It facilitates optimal growth, vibrant skin, a healthy immune system, and promotes overall vitality and longevity of our pets.


In essence, Orijen Pet Food exemplifies the best that nature offers. Its extraordinary formulation satisfies our pet’s biological requirement for a diet rich and varied in fresh, whole meats. Its approach to providing biologically appropriate diets consolidates its position as a forerunner in the pet food industry, promising the best nutritional experience for our beloved pets.

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